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Daytona Velona 60mm speedometer

Price French Monkeys
103,90 €

Delivery: 1 to 3 working days

ID: 86863

   Description ──────────────────────────

We present this Daytona Velona 200Kmh speedometer to you, it has a diameter of 60mm and a depth of 45mm, the finish is black and a V type stainless steel bracket is provided to facilitate installation on the motorcycle.

This counter indicates the maximum speed 200 km / h, the total mileage traveled (KM), the hour (12h or 24h format) and has 2 daily mileage (trip) to choose from. It also informs you of the battery voltage (from 0 V to 18V). The power supply is 12 V and the Led display is blue.

For the installation you have several possibilities:

- Use of the original sensor
- Use of the Daytona inductive sensor 
Which you will find  HERE

- Use of the Daytona mechanical / electronic converter that you will find  HERE

_ Use on BMW with cable drive, which you will find  HERE



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