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Oled Daytona 60mm 8000 rpm rev counter

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     We present to you this cDaytona OLED lap counter displaying 8rpm. Ithe diameter of 60 mm and depth of 45 mm the finish is in polished stainless steel and a type V stainless steel support is provided to facilitate installation on the motorcycle.

    This tachometer indicates the maximum speed 8 rpm, the engine temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit), the time (000h format), engine hour counter, maximum speed memorized and maximum temperature memorized. The power supply is 12 V and the Led display is blue.

    For the installation you have several possibilities:

    - Use of the original sensor using the spark plugs
    - Using the original sensor using the ignition coil
    - Use of the original sensor using the speed sensor

    -Use of the inductive engine speed detection cable here:


    This counter is suitable for engines having:

    - 1 pulse per motor revolution
    - 2 pulses per motor revolution
    - 1 pulse for two engine revolutions
    - 30 pulses per engine revolution (Harley Davidson after 2000)



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